[21 May] Civil7 Press Conference on the G7 Leaders’ Communique

Civil7 Press Conference on the G7 Leaders’ Communique

As one of the G7 official Engagement Groups, Civil7 (C7) is to hold a press conference on the G7 Leaders’ Communique. We will analyse and evaluate the G7 Leaders’ Communique from a civil society perspective and see if the content of the Civil7 Communique is reflected.

Schedule: 15:00 –15:50, 21st May, 2023


  • In-person: 2nd room, NGO Center (Hiroshima City Youth Center)
  • Online (Zoom)

Language: English



  • Mariko Kinai (Civil7 Steering Committee / World Vision Japan)
  • Hiroki Matsubara (Civil7 Steering Committee / Hiroshima NPO Center)
  • Risa Endo (Coordinator of the Civil7 Climate and Environmental Justice Working Group, JACSES)
  • Shoko Uchida (Coordinator of the Civil7 Economic Justice and Transformation Working Group, PARC)
  • Masaki Inaba (Coordinator of the Civil7 Global Health Working Group, Africa Japan Forum)
  • Yuko Shibata (Coordinator of the Civil7 Humanitarian Assistance and Conflict Working Group, Japan Platform)
  • Hirotaka Koike (Coordinator of the Civil7 Open and Resilient Societies Working Group, Greenpeace Japan)
  • Sumiko Hatakeyama (Coordinator of the Civil7 Nuclear Disarmament Working Group, Peace Boat)

Moderator: Aoi Horiuchi (Civil7 Steering Committee / JANIC)

Organizer: Civil7